Friday, July 2, 2010

Guatemala 2011

We will be visiting the small town and villages of San Lucas Toliman in Guatemala again this coming summer.

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 It will be an experience that the families will never forget.

There is something so very special about these people who truly live their faith.....

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Please prayerfully consider if you are capable of helping us by one of the following:

Pray for us

Buy One Of Our Books

Donate (even a small gift: $5, $10, $25)

or contact us and attend a future trip

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We completely fund raise the the cost of each trip
(approximately $1000 per person for a 15 day trip - This includes $750 for the plane ticket).

We truly appreciate your generosity that enables so many families
to attend these working mission trips that truly are life-changing.


Anonymous said...

My husband and I will be visiting the mission for 2 weeks in April. He will be serving in the Medical mission. As for me, I don't speak spanish or have a medical background. I was pretty hesitant to go because of the more recent dangers, but decided to. I wondered if you could give me some advice about what to do and where to go and how to stay safe. I would like to help where I can, but I'm unsure about traveling alone while my husband is with patients...any help would be great. This is all so new to me. Thank you! Amy

amy asay said...

I sent a message last night and thought I should include my email so that we can communicate better. Hope to hear from you. Amy

Deacon Pat said...

Hi Amy:

You will feel safe and secure while at the mission. The people are so friendly and everything is so organized. As for traveling alone.... You will be with many other volunteers so you wont feel alone.

Fee free to e-mail us at

Anonymous said...

I have ridden and walked that road many times with CFCA. It was great to watch.